Kirk Felix


Kirk Felix and his music

Kirk Felix considers himself an "Old Folkie".  His love of folk music began when he was in high school in the mid-60's and continued into his military service in the States.  He began playing the guitar in 1969, performing at many coffee houses and colleges, up and down the US East coast, Europe and the Far East, well into the next decade.  A singer-songwriter, he produced his only vinyl recording in 1972 (For My Friends-Kirk Felix).  His musical style has been equated to that of Jim Croce, John Denver and Gordon Lightfoot.  Kirk  opened for Denver in Gunnison, Colorado in 1972.


In April 2016, Kirk re-released his original LP as a digitally remastered CD, titled: "For My Friends-1972 Revisited". This CD is available when he appears publicly and through and  Kirk believes a "good song" will be one that sends a message, can be related too, and has a good hook-catchy tune.

You can find his music videos on, Sound, and Jango

Kirk is a born and raised US Citizen.  He moved to Canada in 2008 and became a citizen in 2012.  He frequented many "Open Mics" in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and other venues throughout the province of Ontario. In May 2017, Kirk relocated back to the US and currently resides in Arizona.  His sets consist of a good mix of originals and covers.

After getting settled in his new location, Kirk and his partner in life Dorothy Holmes (also songwriter) plan to continue writing and begin working on a new CD which will contain all original tunes.  A release date has yet to be determined.